Partial Taurus Solar Eclipse – April 30 2022

The locality of this Solar Eclipse is for South America.

April 30th 2022 Taurus Solar Eclipse direction map

The countries in direct view are Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Antarctica. Solar Eclipse themes are localized to the area it can be seen, but generalized themes can be applied worldwide.

My personal rule of thumb, if I can’t see the solar eclipse I don’t really worry about it’s affects.

So I just looked at the Taurus Solar Eclipse for tomorrow; Uranus conjunct the Solar Eclipse in the 9th house translates that financial challenges caused by foreign sources.

Chart for the Eclipse with appropriate locality

Disclaimer: Financial Astrology is NOT my nitch, so don’t ask me about your stocks, BUT I do know that a Taurus solar eclipse conjunct Uranus is bound to trigger; monetary losses, inflation, market crashes or a decline in profits.

And here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

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