*Due to technical difficulties ((thanks Mercury)) the audio version of this month’s transit overview will be unavailable.*

February 2022 transit overview; here are the major aspects and planet transits for the month of February 2022.

Feb 3rd – Mercury stations DIRECT

Feb 4th – Capricorn Mars sextile Pisces Jupiter

Feb 4th – Aquarius Sun conjuncts Saturn

Feb 6th – Capricorn Mars squares Aries Chiron

Feb 8th – Capricorn Mars trines Taurus Uranus

Feb 11th – Capricorn Mercury conjuncts Pluto

Feb 11th – Capricorn Mercury trines Taurus North Node Rx

Feb 14th – Capricorn Pluto trines Taurus North Node Rx

Feb 14th – Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius

Feb 15th – Aquarius Sun squares Taurus North Node Rx

Feb 16th – Capricorn Venus conjuncts Mars

Feb 17th – Pisces Jupiter sextile Taurus Uranus

Feb 18th – Sun enters the sign of Pisces

Feb 23rd – Capricorn Mars sextile Pisces Neptune

Feb 23rd – Aquarius Mercury sextile Aries Chiron

Feb 24th – Capricorn Venus sextile Pisces Neptune

Feb 24th – Aquarius Mercury squares Taurus Uranus

Feb 28th – Capricorn Mars trine Taurus North Node Rx

Feb 28th – Capricorn Venus trine Taurus North Node Rx