Here are the major aspects and planet transits for the month of December 2021.

Dec 1st – Pisces Neptune stations DIRECT

Dec 1st – Sag Mercury quincunx Taurus Uranus Rx

Dec 3rd – Sag Sun quincunx Taurus Uranus Rx

Dec 3rd – NEW MOON in Sagittarius

Dec 3rd – Sag Solar Eclipse

Dec 6th – Scorpio Mars sextile Capricorn Pluto

Dec 7th – Sag Mercury squares Pisces Neptune

Dec 7th – Scorpio Mars squares Aquarius Jupiter

Dec 10th – FIRST QUARTER MOON in Pisces

Dec 11th – Capricorn Venus conjunct Pluto

Dec 11th – Sag Mercury sextile Aquarius Jupiter

Dec 11th – Sag Sun square Pisces Neptune

Dec 13th – Mars enters Sagittarius

Dec 13th – Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 14th – Cap Mercury quincunx Gemini North Node Rx

Dec 15th – Sag Mars opposition Gemini North Node Rx

Dec 15th – Sag Mars conjunct Sag South Node Rx

Dec 18th – Cap Mercury squares Aries Chiron Rx

Dec 18th – FULL MOON in Gemini

Dec 19th – Cap Venus stations RETROGRADE (Rx)

Dec 19th – Aries Chiron stations DIRECT

Dec 19th – Sag Sun sextile Aquarius Jupiter

Dec 20th – Cap Mercury trine Taurus Uranus Rx

Dec 21st – Sun enters Capricorn (Winter Solstice)

Dec 22nd – Cap Sun quincunx Gemini North Node Rx

Dec 23rd – Aquarius Saturn square Taurus Uranus Rx

Dec 25th – Sag Mars trine Aries Chiron

Dec 25th – Cap Venus conjunct Pluto

Dec 26th – Cap Mercury sextile Pisces Neptune

Dec 26th – THIRD QUARTER MOON in Libra

Dec 28th – Sag Mars quincunx Taurus Uranus

Dec 28th – Jupiter enters Pisces

Dec 29th – Cap Mercury conjunct Venus Rx

Dec 29th – Cap Sun squares Aries Chiron

Dec 29th – Sag Mars sextiles Aquarius Saturn

Dec 30th – Cap Mercury conjuncts Pluto