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Greetings everybody and welcome to my first official episode for my new podcast series, Transit Talk with Rae Reinhartz. Today I’ll be covering the chart for the month and highlighting some major planetary activity throughout the month of October 2021.

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Welcome October 2021; let’s check out the chart!

The first house, we have Chiron and Eris both retrograde, Chiron and Eris are occupying the house that represents the self. This indicates that individuals are feeling violated in some way, Chiron in Aries would be violating their sense of independence and freedom. With both of these chart points retrograde it would emphasize that this is a repeat offense, something that has happened before.

In the second house, we have Uranus in Taurus, the second house represents money, finances and more importantly the self’s personal wealth and resources. Also I would like to point out historically Uranus in Taurus is associated with economic instability, and specifically the 27th degree of Taurus is associated with bankruptcy. So, building on from the 1st house themes, this is an ongoing or repeating violation of freedom that is causing the self to lose personal resources.

As we look at the third house, you’ll notice that the nodal axis is in the 3rd and 9th house, also the nodes are currently retrograde, which again means a repeat of themes. There is a wide orb conjunction for Black-moon-lilith and Ceres in Gemini, which this indicates a theme of abusing information, manipulating, or misconstruing data. Who is misconstruing the data you may ask? Well, look no further than major transit aspects to this Black-moon-lilith chart point. There is a grand trine with Black-moon-lilith, Saturn and the Sun-Mars conjunction. Saturn (Capricorn/Aquarius rulership) represents government, mainstream media, sociological institutions, and the Sun-Mars conjunction in Libra represents others in this case with that chart point in the 7th house.

So here’s a recap thus far; we are seeing a repeating theme that violates the self’s individual freedom, causing instability with their personal resources that is perpetuated by misconstrued information from person(s) in authority.

Then we look to Hades in Cancer occupying the fourth house, in general I sum that up to sinister hidden acts, and motives to the homeland, or home. Who is on the receiving end of those said acts? Well, look no further than the major aspects to Hades. There is a square to that Libra-Mars conjunction in the 7th house again. So sinister or hidden motives are being orchestrated on OTHERS, aka the public at large.

I know this all sounds pretty bleak (but don’t let that Pluto retrograde get to you) there is some silver lining with all this going on, that brings us to the 5th house, where we have the moon. The moon in astrology represents the people (in terms of mundane astrology) as well as where you emotionally invest yourself. With the moon in the 5th house opposite Saturn in Aquarius this is a good sign, instead of the general consensus complying with a repeat of the ongoing agenda, there is some defiance for people to stick up for themselves. That is also indicated by the trine and sextile to the retrograde nodes, as well as the trine to Chiron in the 1st house.

Moving onto the 6th house; there is trans-pluto challenging that Hades in Cancer point, as well as both of the nodes, forming squares and a semi square. Where Pluto represents destruction, or ultimate transformation, trans-pluto acts as a catalyst. So this major aspect configuration is very important, it signifies a tipping point with the ongoing themes. At the end of the 6th house, we have a conjunction with the Part of Fortune and Hygeia, this represents a need for discernment. The public needs to recognize what is the best course of action. There are aspects drawn to Venus in the 8th, Uranus in the 2nd, Pluto in the 10th, and Neptune in the 12th. The question that this configuration poses to the self is which is more dangerous? Jeopardizing my health and wellbeing by risking potential illness, or sacrificing freedom, and personal resources to create this (illusion) of safety?

Next is the 7th house, which I’ve already mentioned the Sun-Mars conjunction here, but we also have Mercury retrograde in Libra, the archetype of balance, justice, and logic. Libra is the epitome of indecisiveness, and with all these retrograde planets (nodes included) there’s a lot of room for back-peddling, re-evaluating, and changing minds entirely. In a nutshell, the previous events that has been ongoing is attempting to be implemented again. To see if the ‘powers that be’ can push the collective further.

The general public is coming to one of two conclusions right now; some are beginning to see through the deception, or they are accepting the fact that the risk is better than the safety net alternative being proposed by ‘Saturn in Aquarius’ and ‘Pluto in Capricorn aka the ‘powers that be.’

In the 8th house, we have Vesta, and Venus in Scorpio, the 8th house rules secrets, and it also represents joint efforts, disease, and digging deep to hard truths. Vesta manifests as a dedicated effort to unearthing the truth, and as we can see Vesta has some hard aspects to Hades, Saturn, and Neptune; which are all points that represent said authorities abusing information, engaging in sinister acts, and deceiving the public at large. Venus in Scorpio shares similar themes of finding a deeper meaning to all things 8th house related; secrets, and disease always come to mind for me. Venus is part of a grand trine with Neptune, and Hades, along with some sextiles to Pluto and the Part of Fortune-Hygeia conjunction. For me this translates to two possible scenarios; As venus represents relations with others, this translates to people within their own family units, and communities sharing their truth, and their experiences that are different than the narrative. The other possible scenario, involves the grand trine with Venus, Hades, and Neptune, abusing information about disease going on in the homeland to perpetuate the distorted narrative. This is what comes to mind for me; it’s the beginning of cold and flu season, and the surge in annual bugs and viruses are going to be used to fuel the fear of the general public. That actual data will be misconstrued to fit the continued narrative.

Next is the 9th house, there’s the south node, and Juno in Sagittarius. The mutable nodal axis while retrograde emphasizes on reflection of the information that we are fed, and the conclusions we make about it. The south node in Sagittarius, is trine to that free-loving, self focused, moon in Leo as well as the square to trans-pluto. This is challenging people to look back, and reflect on their previous assumptions with the current events, and encouraging them to think differently. Juno is all about finding one’s personal power, when it’s in Sagittarius that’s through knowledge. The idiom that comes to mind is, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!” That proverb essentially means after being tricked once, one should be wary to not be tricked again. Juno has aspects to Neptune, Chiron, Black-moon-lilith and the Moon. All those chart points represent the pandemic, the violation of individual’s freedom, the misconstrued narrative, and the attitude of the general public.

Then there’s the 10th house; there’s Pluto in Capricorn, retrograde, Capricorn is the government, Pluto can represent power, abuse, death, and disease. Also, it’s important to point out when Pluto is retrograde, there is a emphasis of fear, and anxiety. So, an abuse of power along with fear, and anxiety are themes associated with this chart point. So what does Pluto aspect? In this chart, Pluto is the top of a kite aspect pattern, which includes, Venus, Neptune, and Hades. A Kite in astrology is an enabling aspect pattern, so this is where the abuse of power by authority is happening. As for the anxiety and fear; that could contribute to the Mercury-Pluto square. That Mercury-Pluto square could also manifest as cognitive-dissonance due to the deluded “reality” painted.

Then there’s the 11th house; which is where Saturn and Jupiter both are in Aquarius, both planets are also retrograde. By the way, there are quite a few retrograde planets for this month, and the easiest way to sum up retrograde planets, is review. Reoccurring themes, unfinished business, events that unfold over time, all of these fit with the generalized themes of all retrograde chart points. Although Saturn, and Jupiter are technically clear of an orb conjunction, both planets being in close proximity (at least by sign) brings back a ‘review’ of the Saturn-Jupiter, (and Pluto) conjunction of late 2019 and early months of 2020.

That being said, we finish off with the 12th house, there is Pallas, and Neptune both retrograde, aka reoccurring themes AGAIN! Pallas represents justice, and ‘doing what’s right.’ When Pallas is in the archetype of Pisces it represents sacrifice, for doing what is right. Pallas shares aspects with Uranus, the north node-black-moon-lilith-Ceres conjunction, and Hades. This is indicative of the sacrifice to personal freedom, finances, and resources due to the Pluto in Capricorn “mandates.”

As we begin the month of October; we are finishing up the Libra season. Libra is the archetype that represents justice, fairness, and logic. Halfway through the month we enter Scorpio season which is going to manifest extremes of power, control and destruction. Something has gotta give. Stay strong people!