What is a trauma signature in Astrology?

A trauma signature in astrology equates to your “vices” and how those manifest to abusive levels in your behavior/ personality.

How do you read the trauma signatures in your natal chart?

A trauma signature is indicated by particular points in your chart and the aspects involved with those points. You must use the medieval technique recognizing that house=signs=rulers. The 1st house isn’t simply the 1st house, it’s the Aries house and it’s controlled by mars. You can equate any house to the sign that rules it, and to any planet that is it’s lord.

The astrological trauma signature formula is simple. Aquarius. When I say Aquarius that represents the planet ruled by Aquarius which is Uranus (or Saturn ancient ruler) and it rules the 11th house.

So any planets in the 11th house, any planets in the sign of Aquarius and the house Uranus is located are all ‘trauma’ signatures.’ Any aspects from these points correlate with how the trauma manifests in your life.

And why is it important to understand these signatures?

There are numerous benefits to understanding this signature in your chart, besides ‘knowing thyself’ you can recognize where you’ve had some disruptions in your development. Which those disruptions can overall impact your emotional and mental well-being. You can also see where you’ve been abused in your life, and how you abuse others.

EVERYBODY HAS THIS SIGNATURE, everyone has their own Vices as well as Virtues.

So understanding this signature is a major step to self-awareness and healing. Which is something I think a lot of people need to do in this current time…with all the chaos going on right now the best way to utilize all the retrograde planets is to look inward, be more conscious of what’s going on, understand your role in it, see how you can improve the current energy dynamic.