Ghislaine Maxwell’s natal chart.

That lunar eclipse happening on July 5 2020…will be CONJUNCT HER MERCURY in the house of self secrets.

If she doesn’t “die” than her testimony will reveal all and incriminate EVERYONE involved.

Examining the chart further here’s my thoughts;
The lunar eclipse transit to GM’s chart.

Its difficult to say whether this would translate as a death signature or an end.
The lunar eclipse will be in an orb conjunction with her sun and her mercury.

The sun-eclipse conjunction translates as a death signature.

The mercury-eclipse conjunction with Neptune retrograde could translate to an end to her “silence” or secrets because it’s in the 8th house.

Also interestingly enough the 4th house is medieval astrology symbolizes the cause of death. Uranus in her 4th house would indicate an abnormal even sudden death. Ruled by Virgo, the nerves, digestion, and depositor is mercury (health) it may insinuate if her death is in fact staged it will be from sudden illness.

I can’t remember the direction or aspects of Neptune when Epstein “committed suicide” but I just have this feeling with Neptune retrograde that the attempts to snuff out GM won’t be as easy as Epstein.

Part 2

Follow up post about the latest developments with the Epstein case.

I concluded from Ghislaine Maxwell’s chart and the upcoming transits that it was difficult to say confidently if it was indeed a death signature.

So what better way to compare potential outcomes than to Jeffery Epstein.
Since Jeffery Epstein died in jail, obtaining the ETA of his arrest would reveal the events of his arrest.

I used time stamps of the first breaking stories of his arrest on July 6 2019 and then rewound the time to the next available death signature in a future house.

The chart labeled JF is his arrest timestamp. Neptune was retrograde at the time meaning his potential testimony would be damming, fortunately for those who would be incriminated by such information, there was a Jupiter-death signature conjunction in the future 11th house. The death signature funny enough also being in the 11th house would insinuate his death was not self inflicted. If it were I would anticipate the death signature to be in the 5th house.

Other aspects to consider (knowing Epstein would never be able to reveal information on the developing case)

Neptune retrograde is a signature of revealing conspiracy and secrets. There was a square with the Jupiter-death signature to Neptune, signifying a struggle or conflict in receiving the information.

The Jupiter Neptune square again conflict to reveal information.

Then we examine Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest chart. I used the same technique, calculated a chart from the first breaking news of her arrest. 20 hours ago from this time 930a July 3 2020 it was reported she was arrested.

Looking at the chart there’s a death signature in the future house of self.
Although that itself could signify an actual suicide attempt.

When looking at both his arrest chart and hers, Jeffery Epstein has pluto approaching the ascendant signifying death. GM does not have that signature.
From the aspects available I speculate she will survive to testify.