In the past I’ve attempted to make Montage of my work as an Astrologer but it lacked true authenticity. That was due to being apprehensive knowing that people often perceived me as dark, evil or wicked. So I tried to curb the essence of WHO I AM to appease potential audience and future clientele. I have now learned that…and despite many never understanding the core of who I am, body and soul that is not a failure on my part, nor is it my fault. Reality and the perception of altruistic objectivity through humanity’s eyes is a myth. It does not exist, I turn from darkness into the light on the other side, let me be who I am meant to be, doesn’t matter what you think of me. I will be me from here until the end because I KNOW who I am.
I hope to help others truly understand themselves as well, for it is truly the greatest feeling of wholeness anyone could ever feel. (At least that’s the Occult esoteric concept that I’ve experienced personally and acknowledged in recent times.)
Here’s the #plutonian trailer. Showcasing WHO I AM. My ambitions, mission and POV as a Plutonian Saturn Sibyl.

Check out my mantra of a Plutonian Oracle.
Plutonian Trailer