It’s no secret that mainstream news outlets cannot be trusted to provide objective facts or accurate useful information. But does the mainstream media and health organizations want to wipe out innocent people? …idk well if they do want to save lives then why are they lying? ..about the flu shot? The statistics? The synchronistic correlation with the 1918 flu pandemic? Ive been accumulating numerous informative links/sources that they don’t want the public to know about… I know that for a FACT since I was permanently banned from FACEBOOK for sharing the stats on fatalities with patience who routinely got the Influenza /flu shot.

OH! And I just stumbled upon this little gem today, un-fxxking-believable an international faction of the CDC called ANISE, an organization to collect data and distribute important information about Influenza outbreaks in Africa..THE REGION THE ANISE HERB IS NATIVE…(anise btw is a spice / herb used for thousands of years all the way back to ancient Egypt. Helps respiratory infections


Here are those other links. (List will be updated randomly as I find more)

flu vaccines spread the flu, and that so-called “herd immunity” is a medical hoax because “the herd” is actually transformed into carriers and spreaders of influenza

Flu Vaccine Particles Responsible for Outbreak?!

81 EIGHTY ONE deaths in the DFW Metroplex. I’d say we have a problem. They are always trying to force that shot on me at the homeless sheter (AKA Dallas VA) and II always refuse. Not to be sounding like a conspiracist but i cant help but.think they are experimenting on us. The CDC is using us.

6 more deaths in TX

“I think the CDC owns about 53 patents of vaccines, and folks BLEEVE this is an objective authority? Much like big tobacco telling pregnant women smoking is good for their unborn child, or DDT could be sprayed on everything (Polio).Vaccines are frauds introduced at the end of a disease cycle, the cycle ends and the fraudster take credit.”

Flu pandemic warzone in California

History of vaccine legislation

history of immunization legislation in USA