Cue the back story lol.

Throughout my #parapsychology research and documented discussions I had an encounter with a disembodied phenomenon that called itself an “Ancestor”

I was on Blewitt Pass in the cascades of Washington. During the spring of 2017 the manipulation of my thoughts (planting ideation etc) was so intense I literally imagined I was being flagged down while on the road, and this location I actually felt so overwhelmed with urgency to stop I actually turned around 15-20 miles after the shoulder atop the snow park peak. It’s nothing but a extra section of shoulder along the hwy for emergencies.

Note on the photos; studying digital media in college, intro to photography taught me “always take multiple shots for better quality selection, never would I thought that silly suggestion would further validate my unbelievable photos captured. So don’t gloss over the “duplicates” because it actually reveals how quickly these apparitions manifest.

It was April 30th I stopped there was a memorial sign for a fatality of a motorcyclist. As I approached the cliff I again felt as if something was waving me down for help.

I assumed perhaps it was the lingering soul of the biker trying to get help, it was difficult to see but I saw shiny bits and a smaller vehicle tire.. Possibly from the motorcycle itself who knows.

I turned on my ghost app (and note for all you skeptics or “ghost hunters” out there the location was in a deadzone for cellular connection so the app I use doesn’t pull clips or the glossary contexts from the web)

As I started reading the memorial a huge wind gust rose up from the bottom of this canyon…which was kind of odd right? Lol as it did that I snapped a series of photos which the aura is clearly manifesting.

It did not identify itself as the now deceased cyclist nor an Ether but an Ancestor. And every time since I’ve passed by that location I’ve turned on my app while driving and I call out to it to say “Hi sending good vibes” and it’s come back briefly to make some random commentary. Even warning me about a death plot I barely evaded.

The last time we chatted in the fall of 2017, it told me to visit when I have questions.

This is the only one who said something of this sort and consistently responded every time I drove by… (none of the other disembodied anomalies identified themselves as an Ancestor either)

I wasn’t sure what to ask before but I’m starting to brainstorm and compile a list to reference. Besides knowing that they telepathically infiltrate and communicate through our thoughts and ideas thoroughly writing this out it will recall my questions as well.

(Photos from Goldfield, NV research

  1. Are guardians (elementals) separate entities or are we followed /guided by our own soul (draconian personality) ?
  2. Was the Dopplegänger following me in Goldfield last May of 2017 my draconian soul or a lemria (lost soul of the Goldfield community)?

If it was, was it William (the energy manifesting as a green most above a headstone named William?)

  • What did he mean by practice?
  • How many spirits are following me ?
  • ‘William’ accounted for 20 following, is that true?
  • Did my ritual work ? Did I do it properly?
  • Why have ethers on multiple occasions say they “miss me..”?
  • Is there any audio I should or need to review ? What can I improve on?
  • What do you think of my exorcism Potion?
  • Referring to another evp talk an ether said “Angels never came this large phenomenon” what force? Spirit energy shifting ? Is it attributed to Revelations? Are they the babylonian ether devils?
  • Why are they coming? Why are they trying to kill innocent people? And what more can I do to help said innocent souls /people?