This has been a topic I’m fully aware of and have been observing, researching from a personal POV to a collective sociological perspective.

I have a thorough background in psychology as well as Astrology and I continue to incorporate mental health and psychology into traditional medical astrology theories to contribute to the holistic therapy fields which has been demonstrated by many therapists /astrologers throughout the years.

There’s many professors, social science scholars and professionals that have written about their theories of mental abnormalities manifesting from sociological conditioning and pop culture trends. As the youngest generations of society today further the extreme dependency on technology for interaction, the horrors and potential worse case scenarios of these abnormalities will begin to become mainstream.

So if you’ve noticed too the trendy psychology today articles about ‘toxic people’ ‘dating a psychopath’ ‘narcissistic mothers /spouses’ that is the confirmation that it’s definitely beyond mainstream, so what does this mean?

Well as it becomes more conditioned, cases and clinical diagnosis’ will become more common and although anyone can read psychology today or Google symptoms of these behavioral abnormalities nobody is addressing the ramifications of these personalities in a “group think” scenario. Until now…

Here’s some of my previous published youtube videos discussing this escalating sociological nightmare…

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The Rise of Psychopathy in Society

The Age of Aquarius; An Epidemic of Psychopathy & Narcissism

Psychopathy in Astrology (Examining Serial Killer’s birth charts)

Also here’s some additional Vlogs & lectures on Astropsychoanalysis and Astrotheology with mental health.

Uranus with Mental Health & Trauma

Preface Astropsychology book by Rae Reinhartz

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I’m sure more will be added to this entry in the future. =)