MarsDay December 19, 2017 the Lord of time, Saturn has now finished in Sagittarius and is now in Capricorn.

Chaos Astrology’s prediction for the USA mundane horoscope; feat. Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020

For anyone who has Saturn in Sagittarius for their birthchart I’m sure you’ve been counting down this day just as much as I have, and for myself now it’s time to get serious.

(Video sourced from a livestream I did discussing upcoming transit events I am working on and just a #plutonianconfessions theraptuic session of what’s going on collectively).

And for those who have their natal Saturn in Capricorn you maybe asking yourself what does this exactly mean for me?

An educational vlog (now in the works) will be an addition to this post and avaliable for free on my youtube or facebook (either one I’ll link it here so you can find it.) about the general attributes of Saturn in Capricorn collectively but unfortunately due to the variables in each individual birth chart it is not possibly to attribute generalizations to an individual because house rulers and the major aspect patterns contribute to how saturn impacts your chart.

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 The Dynamic of the Self & Saturn