The Lilith archetype in Astrology
has been one my major focals for
my research & theories with
In my opinion, it’s important to
reference the mythological origins
when understanding the
astrological chart points.


This entry will highlight all my free content

from my theories I’ve developed attributing

Carl Jung’s ‘shadow-self’ to the astrological

archetype of Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith; the shadow of the zodiac signs.

This Astrology 101 discussion highlights the shadow side of all 12 zodiac archetypes that is crucial for Astropsychoanaylsis.


To understand the

ACCURATE origin of the

archetype you have to

look to the actual folklore

where the persona of Lilith

was created.

Here’s an Astrotheology

lecture from my youtube

channel elaborating on the

origin of Lilith & Saturn in


As I mentioned the importance of referencing accurate mythology is the ONLY effective method when deciphering Astrology charts, here’s a #plutonianconfessions vlog highlighting what NOT to do, and the lack of Jewel Mayberry’s knowledge with the mythology shows.

And here’s the links to all my other Black Moon Lilith related Astrology lectures. (BTW Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn through the houses lecture is currently in the works and will be added to this entry soon!)